AssayColor turns your smartphone into a reader for colorimetric assays.

You can use AssayColor as a colorimeter for color measurements or to identify the point of color change in a wide range of colorimetric tests.
Colorimetric tests are based on the color change occurring when a sample chemically reacts with a reagent specifically indicating a particular property or an investigated activity of the sample.

AssayColor uses the smartphone’s camera to capture the color of each well of a microplate at the same time, then generates a .csv file containing hexadecimal codes for well colors. You can share this file and further analyze color data with a spreadsheet or a statistics software, in the same way you analyze absorbance data measured by a spectrophotometer in colorimetric tests.

Conceived as a 96-well microplate/plate reader, AssayColor can be easily customized for other supports such as test tubes, sample tubes, sample containers, test containers, test strips, paper strips, diagnostic strips, microarrays, lab-on-a-chips as well as other multiwell plate formats.

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AssayColor can be used in several fields of application:

  • analytical chemistry
  • biochemical assays
  • chemical assays
  • medical analyses
  • pharmaceutical analyses
  • food analyses
  • diagnostic tests
  • chemical/pharmaceutical/medical research.
Also designed as an educational tool, AssayColor helps to teach colorimetric assays to high school, college and university students in different scientific fields.
The method step by step
       1. Prepare the required materials for the desired test: samples, microplates, colorimetric assay kits and reagents
       2. Carry out the colorimetric reaction
       3. Open AssayColor and carry out color reading
       4. Share the generated .csv file
       5. Analyze data and obtain test result.

Assay protocols

You can find more details on the use of AssayColor in the following assay protocols:

  • Antioxidant activity assay (DPPH)
  • Antioxidant activity assay (CUPRAC)
  • Total phenols assay (Folin-Ciocalteu reagent)
Data analysis tools
You can download the following analysis tools for AssayColor's output:
Convert-96microplate-matrix-to-1x96vector.xls: It converts a 12x8 matrix representing the microplate to a 1x96 vector. Data are now in a single column format.
Convert-HEX-to-RGB-1x96vector.xls: It converts hexadecimal to RGB color codes.
Convert-RGB-to-CMYK-1x96vector.xls: It converts RGB to CMYB color codes.
Customize your AssayColor
If you want to customize AssayColor for a specific assay or sample support, please contact