Great ideas and intuitions often arise from creative minds. But sometimes it's unclear how to develop and convert these ideas into reality, therefore they remain ideas. ALIDANS'' project managers team offer its skills and expertise in managing each phase of a project: from the emergence of an idea to its realization until the end product is put on the market.
ALIDANS' assists customers by converting their ideas into real projects, by following and managing thoroughly the projects up to the launch of the end products.


For its customers, Alidans retrieves and develops raw materials, prototypes and end products such as:


We provide services for the development of personalized cosmetic and personal care products, by designing innovative, high quality, and effective ingredients and formulations. For instance, Alidans develops new make-up product lines; advanced skin, hair and body treatments; as well as effective products to appreciate the beauty of the body and/or delicate products for babies' tender skin. We assist customers who desire to realize personalized products, even small amounts.


Medical devices embraces a wide range of substances, tools, devices, and other kinds of products that, although not having a pharmacological activity, are intended for human use with diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes. Alidans can provide services for research and development of innovative and advanced medical devices, always complying with the regulatory needs ruling them.


We provide services for the development of novel nutraceuticals, as well as valuable ingredients for food supplements, for FSMP (Foods for Special Medical Purposes), for dietary products, and generally for FPNU (Foods for Particular Nutritional Uses). Based on customers' needs, we study innovative and high quality formulae, able to enrich customers' diet with products provided of the required nutritional profile.


Alidans also operates in the field of biocidal products development. Indeed, we provide services such as the identification of active ingredients and the study of new formulae able to protect people and the environment from microorganisms and undesired organisms; and the creation of innovative, effective, safe and sustainable products, according to the relevant regulations.


Alidans provides support in the research and development of new active ingredients and products aimed to protecting agricultural crops from harmful pests attacks. Besides efficacy and activity, special attention is given to safety, biodegradability, and environmental impact of the developing products.